If you can’t find the answer to any of your questions here please feel free to contact us at info@backtosleep.com.au.


Do you deliver Australia wide?

  • Yes! Our family run and owned manufacturers are located Australia wide, meaning your order is produced and delivered in your nominated state.

What is the cost of delivery of a mattress, base and/or bedhead?

What is the delivery turnaround period for a mattress, base and/or bedhead?

  • Metro Deliveries;
    • Upon full payment, your order will be manufactured and delivered to your house within a 14 working day period. The wonderful customer service team at AH Beard will contact you and confirm your delivery date/timeframe.
  • Regional Deliveries & Customisations;
    • Regional deliveries and customisations increase the turnaround period to 3 – 4 weeks. To check your location and/or enquire further, contact us on 1300 854 557 or email info@backtosleep.com.au.

We can’t survive without food, water, air and sleep? Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury!

The average cost of a new mattress over its lifetime costs less than one cup of coffee per week?

Our mattress is the most used piece of furniture in our house?