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Designer Bases & Bedheads

Do you sell Bases and Bedheads?

  • Yes! We have created our own range of designer bases, available with or without drawers, also available in a slim-line option. With up to 5 designer fabric options to choose from, you are one step closer to a sleek and modern look!
  • To complete the look, pair your designer base with a matching designer bedhead (base/bedhead connectivity available if purchased together), available in a low and high profile for the ultimate statement.
  • Contact us on 1300 854 557 to enquire further.

What is the height of the Bedheads?

  • Designer Low Profile Bedhead
    H1150mm x D100mm x W (width is dependent on size ordered)
  • Designer High Profile Bedhead
    H1400mm x D100mm x W (width is dependent on size ordered)

Is a back to sleep®’ mattress compatible with a slatted base?

  • Yes! Just like the foundation of a house, it is important the structure is sturdy, strong, and suitable to hold the weight of the individual/s and mattress throughout the night. Please see the below simple guidelines to adhere to and to ensure you have the right base for your amazing back to sleep®’ mattress! If your base does not meet the below criteria the mattress may not perform to the best of its ability and could void your warranty.
  • Slatted base:
    • Horizontal slats are strong and sturdy, with little to no flexibility
    • Width in between each slat to be under 10 cm
    • Vertical beam and/or central support required for sizes; double, queen and king.