Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer just a few of the questions you may have.

If your question isn’t covered below, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 854 557, or send us an email at [email protected]

Selection Service

Absolutely! Whether you’re 3 or 103, finding the right mattress and pillow to help you sleep better is our mission.

If you share the bed with a partner, it is highly recommended that both you and your partner attend the mattress selection service, so we can understand your complete sleeping environment needs as individuals and as a couple. With the pillow selection service, it isn’t a requirement to bring your partner in, as your pillow is an individual focus.

It’s not a requirement to bring in your old pillow, however if you wish to do so, our specialists are more than happy to review your current support.

If you need to reschedule your booking, please call 1300 854 557 as soon as possible to enable your booking to be allocated to another customer and for us to find another convenient time to suit your schedule.

Unfortunately our selection services are only available within our nominated showrooms. Home visits are not available.


All products are available for delivery in metro areas, Australia wide. Please contact us on 1300 278 882 or email [email protected] for pricing.

All back to sleep mattresses and bases are made to order. Manufacturing and delivery of your mattress will be within 14 working days after full payment has been received and confirmed by our accounts department.

Yes. After you purchase a mattress and/or base at a back to sleep showroom we provide you with a handy information pack which outlines some key areas to check prior to delivery of your product. Removal of current bedding is important to ensure the A.H. Beard delivery team can set up and install your new mattress and/or base in a timely manner. It is important to make suitable space for your new product(s) to be placed into your desired location. Dismantle/removal of your existing bedding prior to delivery is required.

We currently do not provide this service, however we can recommend a mattress removal company that can assist with the removal of your mattress and/or base. Our friendly team are only too happy to provide the details should you require this service.

After attending a back to sleep mattress selection appointment and purchasing a mattress and/or base you will be provided with an information pack.  One of the primary areas we suggest you review upon getting home from your appointment is access to your property through to your bedroom.  Part of our end to end service is the delivery and installation of your products once produced.  If there are access issues such as tight corners, low ceilings, limited clearance or restrictive staircases, we recommend you contact back to sleep and discuss this as a priority.  Products that are manufactured and delivered but are unable to be installed, will be your responsibility as will any associated costs of redelivery, re-production or installation.


All our back to sleep branded pillows come with a 5 year guarantee. You can be assured that you are purchasing a quality, supportive pillow, designed and tested by leading health care professionals. To prevent voiding your guarantee, your pillow/s should be covered with a waterproof and breathable pillow protector. Following the care instructions will ensure longevity of your products while creating an optimum healthy sleep environment.

It is important to know that when you introduce a new support to your neck and head, you may feel unusual or uncomfortable during the first week or so.  This is not unusual or cause for concern. The muscle memory in these areas need to adjust and get used to being supported.  We have customers that have no adjustment from the very first night and others that can take up to a couple of before it settles.


We offer a variety of payment options including Visa, Mastercard, eftpos, direct deposit, cheque and our Interest Free Payment Plans. Please note: payment via our website is only via Visa or MasterCard.

If you wish to pay via direct deposit or interested in our payment plans, please visit our showroom or call 1300 854 557, we will be happy to arrange an invoice and email it across to you for direct deposit payment details.

Yes. Lay-by is available through our “No Interest Ever!* Payment plans partnership. To learn more about “No Interest Ever!*” Payment plans visit our payment plan page.

*Lay-by – No interest payment plans are only available in store.  Online purchases are not able to utilize the lay-by facility.

Absolutely. Visit one of our showrooms or call 1300 854 557 to arrange a gift card to the value of your choice. All gift cards purchased have a 12 month expiry period and can be used in any back to sleep showroom.


Not at all! This is a question we often get asked due to our mattress selection service being conducted by a health care professional. Anyone can benefit from the knowledge and expertise provided by our health care professionals and anyone can benefit from our quality Australian made mattresses and bases.

Your new mattress may not feel exactly like the one in the showroom due to the mattresses on the showroom floor being in constant use and exposed to strong lighting, which effectively moulds and softens the product on the floor slightly – your mattress is brand new and has not had wear and tear to start the moulding process.

No, you will only need to rotate, not flip your new mattress. With back to sleep mattresses you rotate, end to end, no lifting or back straining required.  It is recommended to get the most out of your mattress, you should rotate your mattress monthly for the life of the mattress.