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Delivery FAQs

Do you deliver Australia wide?

  • Yes! Our family run and owned manufacturers are located Australia wide, meaning your order is produced and delivered in your nominated state.

What is the cost of delivery of a mattress, base and/or bedhead?

What is the delivery turnaround period for a mattress, base and/or bedhead?

  • Metro Deliveries;
    • Upon full payment (or 3rd Party Payment approved), your order will be sent across to our manufacturers (A.H. Beard). They will be in contact with you to organise the delivery of your product/s (approx. 4 week turnover).
  • Regional Deliveries & Customisations;
    • Regional deliveries and customisations increase the turnaround period. To check your location and/or enquire further, contact us on 1300 854 557or email [email protected].