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Electric / Adjustable Bed FAQs

What is an Electric/Adjustable Bed?

  • An amazing base that incorporates movement to both lift and flatten the head and foot area of the mattress. Depending on the model, vibration functions and pre-set positions are available. Head to our adjustable bed’s page to find out more or contact us on 1300 854 557.

What are the benefits of an Electric/Adjustable Bed?

  • Many of our customer’s experience acute or chronic pain and illnesses that require more flexibility with their sleep environment. The lifestyle and medical benefits surpass your bedtime expectations. Providing benefits of postural alignment and support whilst reading in bed or watching television, alongside the important medical benefits of increasing blood flow circulation, lymphatic drainage, sleep apnoea, snoring, reflux…the list goes on. To find out more, head to our adjustable bed’s page.

What is the price of an Electric/Adjustable Bed?

  • Our Adjustable beds start from $1,800 – the price will vary depending on the size and model requirements. Contact us on 1300 854 557 to enquire further.

Are your Electric/Adjustable Beds hospital grade?

  • No, as the bases are not sealed.

Do you have High/Low Electric/Adjustable Beds?

  • Our Adjustable beds have 2 points of movement to provide elevation in both the head and foot area. However, with our continued research and being an NDIS provider, we are constantly at work improving and updating our product range to ensure our customers can sleep better, live better®. Depending on your requirements, our current Adjustable beds have 3 leg height options that may cater to your needs. Please contact us on 1300 854 557 or email [email protected].

What sizes are available in the Electric/Adjustable Bed range?

  • The below sizes are available dependant on the model (all measurements are approximate):
Imperial Width(inches) LengthMetric Width(cm)Length
Long Single3′6’892204
King Single3’6′6’8107204

Do you sell a split Queen and/or King Electric/Adjustable Beds?

  • We certainly do have Split King Adjustable beds, however, not a Split Queen. We have very strong and valid reasons as to why; when we think of our sleep health an important factor is your own space within the sleeping surface. You may start out cuddling your partner or pet, but once you are in your deep sleep and allowing your body to repair, your own personal space is very important! Cutting a Queen mattress in half (from head to foot) significantly shortens your sleep surface, which can increase disturbance and broken sleep cycles throughout the night.
  • Our Split King Adjustable beds allow individual movement, with the certainty of your own space. You don’t have room for a King, contact us on 1300 854 557, to discuss your requirements with one of our health care professional.

Do you rent Electric/Adjustable Beds?

  • No, we do not, as our focus is based on improving your sleep environment, comfort and support for the long haul. If you find you’re not in the position to make a financial commitment but would love to take advantage of the medical and lifestyle benefits of the adjustable beds, head to our payment plans page to see how we can assist, or contact us on 1300 854 557.