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Warranty & Guarantee FAQs

What is the guarantee and/or warranty offered?

  • All our products come with a warranty/guarantee with a specified warranty/guarantee period. Please read carefully, as each product will have different warranty/guarantee information.

Do you offer trial periods and/or comfort guarantees?

  • No, our complimentary consultations conducted by our Health Care Professionals take the guesswork out of choosing a mattress. The mattress you choose is made to order and delivered direct, eliminating bacteria, mould, and fungal growth, as this can occur once a mattress is stored for prolonged periods.
  • Please refer to the mattress adjustment period

Where can I find my warranty/guarantee on my product?

  • All products that come with a warranty/guarantee will be included in the product’s packaging. If, for any reason, the warranty/guarantee card is missing from the packaging or you have discarded the packaging, please contact us on 1300 854 557 or email [email protected]