Hip pain can be caused by many different things including but not limited to, osteoarthritis, bursitis, muscle strain and general joint degeneration.

Hip pain
Joint pains tend to become particularly apparent at night time as we begin to slow down, the stresses from the day catch up on us and when lying in bed we place pressure on our bodies for extended periods.

Finding the correct balance of comfort and support in bed is crucial for those with hip sensitivities. A mattress that is too firm can place undue pressure on the hips and worsen pain whereas a mattress that lacks support can place the body in a position which pushes the hips out of alignment, also causing unwanted stress on the joints and surrounding muscle.

Your bed should be a place you can relax, be comfortable and move freely without waking in pain or having to stay in a single position to avoid lying on your hips. A back to sleep specialist can help you find a sleep solution which will let you rest easy and wake refreshed.

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