Sleeping Aids

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Sleeping Wedge
Sleeping Aids

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The Wedge

Not just something you eat with sweet chilli and sour cream – The Wedge sleeping aid can prevent you from rolling onto your stomach during the night, which causes major rotation around the lumbosacral junction. The Wedge is great for providing added support, especially for pregnant women since it keeps them from rolling onto their backs while sleeping.


– Aids in maintaining correct sleeping posture
– Helps stabilise the body by preventing users from rolling forward or back
– Secure, comfortable and stable

Sleeping Spacer

The Spacer

As the name states, this sleeping aid is to create space, whether it is between your knees or your knee and the surface of the mattress. Introducing a neutral space can ease pressure on your knees, hips, or lumbar spine. With its anatomical shape and handy Velcro elasticized strap, you won’t spend another night searching for the pillow that was meant to go between your knees; the Spacer stays in place all night long while you move 40-60 times.


– Encourages the natural alignment of the pelvis and spine when sleeping
– Designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back and hips
– Adjustable Velcro elastic strap for secure fit


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