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“My back to sleep mattress is elite, as a professional
athlete with back problems for many years this bed has
been a saviour.”

Great service and advice from George at Back2Sleep. I haven’t even got my new bed or pillow yet, and I’m already sleeping better. Highly recommend this business.read more
jorja paige
03:11 21 Jun 19
Fantastic customer service experience from Natalie. She was very attentive and knowledgeable, and took a lot of time and care to make sure I found the right pillow. I have been sleeping much better since getting my new pillow. Thank you very much Natalie.read more
13:13 10 Jun 19
Highly recommend. George and his professional team are extremely knowledgeable with excellent product and customer service. After a disastrous experience with a well know retailer, George looked after me with kindness and understanding. Would not go anywhere else for my sleep needs. Thank you George and the team at Back To Sleep 😀👍read more
Cassandra Richards
01:53 10 Jun 19
Great service from the pillow consultant Connie who helped me identify the right type of pillow for me. Up until now it’s been hit and miss (actually a lot of miss) when choosing the right pillow. With the new pillow I’ve been waking up without the upper back aches I’ve been getting lately which is fantastic 🙂read more
Alessandro Aggio
03:01 30 May 19
George was so accommodating to myself and my husband's needs in buying our new bed. With myself having chronic pain issues for many years it was great to have the specialised care of a chiropractor. High quality products and amazing customer service with affordable prices.read more
Jessica Spotswood
10:16 07 May 19
This place had been recommended to me by a few friends and now i know why. The process from start to finish was very professional. We had an assesment and got the perfect mattress and pillows for us. Thank you so much now I love my bedread more
Catherine Eliopoulos
22:17 20 Apr 19
I was extremely impressed with Natalie today on my visit. I arrived late but there was no issues and the whole experience for me was positive. I did not feel like I was in a department store with a pressure salesperson by my side. It was relaxed and I really had to restrain myself from giving her a hug at the end. I really did feel that relaxed. There was no pressure. Just knowledgeable application of their practice. I have not had this experience of the science of sleep before and I must admit it made so much sense and resulted in so much comfort. I am looking forward to my new mattress and will update when I have actually slept a few nights on it.read more
Rose Toth
11:18 30 Mar 19
Natalie’s professionalism, customer service and knowledge are exceptional. My pillow consultation was the best thing I have done for my sleep in years. I’ve been sleeping better than ever since I listened to her advice and recommendations. I highly recommend this business for anyone who wants a better night’s sleep.read more
Melissa Stronell
22:45 15 Mar 19
Very friendly and helpful staff. Natalie was extremely knowledgeable, professional and really spent the time getting to know us to determine which mattress and pillows would suit us best. We haven’t received our mattress yet but we would recommend the staff at back to sleep to anybody looking for a new mattress (or pillow).read more
Elicia Duczmal
10:36 15 Mar 19
Such an amazing experience. From the moment we walked through the door our service from Natalie was excellent. She took us through a series of questions to understand us and the way we sleep, our posture and so much more to ensure we selected the best pillows for us. Learned heaps about best way to sleep and why good quality pillows are important. Would highly recommend! Thank you Natalie for your outstanding service.read more
Jennifer Lange
11:06 14 Mar 19
Could not recommend this place enough. Staff display a high level of knowledge about sleeping posture/positions and use that to help you select an appropriate mattres that suits your needs. Customer service was one of the best I have ever recieved, if you want a bed this is the place to go!! Natalie was fantastic!!read more
Jamie Donovan
01:14 19 Feb 19
Great service. I have sent friends and family here and, thus far have always been happy. They fit you to what you need. Explain sleep postures sleep issues. And are very thorough. Highly recommend.read more
Andrew McKinnon
07:21 07 Feb 19
I’m a returning customer and this company is fantastic. Wonderful service and state of the art products. Who thought you could get so excited about a pillow and a bed.read more
Carmen O'Halloran
22:10 03 Feb 19
I decided it was time to look for a new bed. Not knowing where to turn and feeling overwhelmed by the choice, I was lucky when my brother recommend I visit the team at Back to Sleep. I can’t speak highly enough of the experience. They take into account your personal sleep patterns, don’t overwhelm you by asking you to lie on dozens of beds and they check your posture and the support the bed offers your particular body. I can’t thank the team enough for the top class products I walked out with. The experience is tailored to each individual. It’s an experience you’ll wish more stores offered.read more
Michelle Zydower
05:09 31 Jan 19
Great experience, very knowledgeable staff. Make sure to book and take your time to decide. So good to visit a store where you are not rushed to make a decision.read more
th h
22:30 20 Jan 19
Connie helped me find the perfect pillow and is very experienced.Connie listened to my needs and made me feel comfortable because I am currently going through quite a few health issues and she helped me on my journey to a better life.I would also like to thank Natalie for assisting me over the phone and for speaking to Connie about my issues before I arrived.Thank you for employing the most lovely people.Thank you so much Connie & NatalieKindest Regards Daniela Russoread more
05:53 19 Jan 19
Very professional service! Natalie was highly knowledgeable during the mattress fitting and offered great points of advice! Really looking forward to sleeping on my new mattress and adjustable base!! Highly recommend 👌🏼read more
Elisa Bettiol
10:39 16 Jan 19
Very thorough and detailed consultation. No hard sell which was nice. We had a query in evening and prompt reply reinforced our positive experience. A very atisfied customer/purchaser.read more
Rod Sarah
08:29 16 Jan 19
Excellent service. Great to shop local.Parks right out front.Love my new pillow.I purchased the newly enhanced contour pillow.I believe I am waking up feeling better, it has great support.The Technogel pillow ticks all my boxes.read more
Charmaine MacDonald
01:03 15 Jan 19
Great service experience with Connie guiding us through the pillow choosing process. There is science rather than just - “lie on this and does it feel good”. Next stop will be choosing a mattress.read more
Colin Garro
02:29 07 Jan 19
My local chiropractor recommended I come in and see the staff at back to sleep. Natalie was extremely helpful and patient and made choosing a mattress stress free. So grateful for all the assistance! Many thanksread more
Rachel Margaret
08:00 19 Nov 18
the young lady Natalie had great customer skills she was very attentive and made sure that she assessed my father's needs first before proceeding. her follow up work was excellent. I would highly recommend her. Also the other young lady Connie was very friendly. looking forward to dad,s delivery.read more
Lucia Amendola
00:08 12 Oct 18
I recommend very highly Back to Sleep is a professional experience From our initial entrance to shop explanation from knowledgeable staff re need for an hour appointment with a consultant to ensure our particular needs were met We returned to have a pleasure of meeting GeorgeHis knowledge passion and expertise meant Peter and I felt our individual needs were assessed and the appropriate mattress chosenIt didn’t finish there!The delivery was within the 10 working days and it was no problem to contact me at work 20 minutes before arrivalThe woman who delivered the mattress was very helpful re care of the mattress Very professional organisation Susan Sims - Peter Lucasread more
Susan Sims
00:19 23 Sep 18
Great service and knowledgeable staff. They'll take their time to find the right product for you and have reasonable prices. Went in looking for a better pillow to stop waking up with a headache from using an old pillow with poor cervical support. The new memorable II pillow that was recommended worked beautifully from the first night. Happy customer!read more
Raghu Vasanthan
22:02 18 Aug 18
Been sleeping on our new Mattress and pillows for just over a week and we are in heaven. Our appointment with Natalie was amazing. She listened to everything we said about our medical issues and was professional, kind, informative and went above and beyond to make this dream come true. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Natalie and George for making this new bed possible for us. We have never dealt with a bedding place that really listens and hears what the client wants and needs and doesn't just want to sell any bed to make a sale. Thank you to all the staff at Back To Sleep. We would highly recommend you to all our family and friends in the future. It was a pleasure from start to finish and we truly could not be happier. Back To Sleep cares about each and every clients needs and this is evident as every stage of the process of finding a new bed. We wish you all the best for the future.read more
Loren Patafta
03:28 01 Aug 18
Very personable and knowledgeable staff. Pleasantly more comprehensive experience than I was expecting for a pillow. Sleep since has been a dream!
Max Wade
08:26 19 Jul 18
Shopping at Back to Sleep was a most pleasant experience. We booked an appointment and were impressed by George's knowledge and professionalism. Nothing was left to chance, we went home knowing that we had the proper beds and pillows. The team at Back to Sleep were courteous and helpful and did everything to make us comfortable. The after sales care was also most helpful and solutions to any concerns were found.read more
Marie B
01:35 07 Jul 18
Love our new mattress from Back to Sleep! Professional staff and greeting from the moment you step through the door. George is an expert in his field and has a true passion for their products. We were so impressed with an extremely thorough hour long consultation to ensure we chose the right mattress for us. Now having the best nights sleep!read more
Danae Konti
12:53 20 Jun 18
Very professional and experienced staff. Since purchasing our pillows we have noticed a huge difference to our neck pain. Would highly recommend a pillow consult if you're experiencing sore neck and shoulders. The team at Back to Sleep will point you in the right direction. Very happy with our purchase.read more
Janey Coutet
23:38 07 May 18
What else can I say but 5 stars. The staff at "Back to Sleep" know there stuff! They want to ensure that the product they sell is specifically right for you. Their product knowledge, quality and service is what most aspire to. Finally I can wake up without back pain. Thanks Back to Sleep for this awesome matress and your great serviceread more
Des Jensen
04:42 04 May 18
I was given great advice and not rushed to make a decision. Competitive prices. My 3yr old was entertained whilst I tried many products.
Andre Destefanis
02:31 03 May 18
Love love love my adjustable bed and mattress! I've had my bed for five years now and it's the most comfortable mattress and the mechanical bed is excellent for my recovery from football and training. Highly recommend back to sleep for their service and products.read more
Ryan Emmett
06:54 29 Apr 18
There's absolutely no other place like back to sleep! Trying to understand what mattress to get is so confusing and I hated going into your typical bed store, as I felt they just wanted to sell me any mattress. back to sleep was completely different. The moment I walked in, there was something different. Natalie was my consultant and her knowledge on the human body and the education I received was second to none. If you want more than a salesperson, you can't go past back to sleep!read more
Kellie JonesOz
06:44 29 Apr 18
My first bed was so good that I wanted to keep it for ever, but now my new upgrade bed it better still, wake up every day pain free and able to get on with a new day, thank you back to sleep best beds everread more
Margaretha Berns
23:51 27 Apr 18
No more sleepless nights, no more back aches, no more being uncomfortable. I wake up feeling relaxed and ready to start a new day. Love love love my new bed.?
Pat Muir
23:42 27 Apr 18
Friendly, professional and great advice! Have slept a lot better since my visit. Would highly recommend!
John Belfield
03:37 23 Mar 18
George was very nice and professional and explained everything in a clear and thorough way to me and my daughter. I loved to see how important it was for him that she understood the benefits of the mattress and pillow, since these items were for her. Great customer experience. Highly recommended ??read more
Federica Tassini
04:08 20 Mar 18
What great service, quality and above all prompt delivery and great support.These guys know their stuff. They listen to what their customers are saying and tailor a package to suit need, budget and time frame. Daughter LOVES her new mattress. Oh and that base with the draws, what a space saver. The bedroom has never been so clean. Teenagers love to mess up a room. Well not anymore. Daughter says this is the best sleep she has ever had. Wakes up every morning completely refreshed and ready to tackle a big year 12 day.Best of all it was delivered when promised (daughters birthday). so I have one happy teen, who never made her bed and is now making it every morning as she loves her new bed.Thanks Dr George and Phil for the great service and quality product.read more
Con Parthimos
02:30 06 Mar 18
I have delayed giving my review until I had slept in my new bed for atleast 5 days. my verdict is that these beds will not disappoint!!! I was recommended to go check out 'back to sleep' and I was pleasantly surprised at the detailed service I received from Natalie. Not only did I learn all about mattresses but I was learning from someone who has a background in remedial massage, so she new exactly what area was my trouble spot and how best to support it. We got the mattress that suited both myself and my husband and pillows that worked best with our individual needs. (best pillow ever) I will be highly recommending the guys at 'back to sleep' to anyone who has a back issue or is in need of a good quality bed and good quality of sleep. 200% satisfied and so glad I took the advice to check them out!!! Thank you guys ?read more
Linda Karlsen-Kozhushnik
23:56 07 Feb 18
Thank you George for advising me on the best pillow that suited my needs. Since buying my Gel Infused latex Pillow on Friday, i am already getting better quality sleep and no more sore neck!!! I have also brought our beds from George and they are awesome to sleep in. Always recieve professional and friendly help and advice. Back to Sleep will always meet your individual needs and requirements. Highly recommend them for all your bedding needs.read more
Maria Plummer
12:55 10 Dec 17
As a Chiropractor I’ve always been asked to recommend a pillow brand and I can confidently say these are the best pillows I’ve come across. I not only advise my patients to get them to maintain postural alignment while asleep but I don’t go anywhere without mine! Changed the way I sleep and I no longer have a stiff neck in the morning.read more
Tahli Gibson
02:30 10 Nov 17
Absolutely fantastic experience. Staff (we dealt with George) was knowledgeable and answered all questions we had. Have had our bed & pillows for 10 months with not an ounce of regret. Decided to also get the strap on knee pillow- best invention ever. I have better sleeps when I have it on.Can totally recommend Back To Sleep!read more
Jane Agius
04:33 27 Oct 17
I bought my mattress with adjustable base and memory foam pillow over 3 years ago. From the very first night I had an increase in sleep quality and comfort. Back to sleep pair a fantastic product with a genuine care for meeting all your sleep needs. They take their time to make sure you are matched to the right product. The team are very passionate about educating customers about sleep hygiene and what health conditions are impacted by your sleep, while ensuring your spinal health is supported. There is no better place if you are looking for a new mattress and pillow, highly recommended!read more
Emma Tippett
03:06 23 Oct 17
My husband and I are enjoying our seventh year of an excellent mattress purchased at Back To Sleep. We couldn't be further apart in terms of physical differences (he's tall, I'm not) and, like most people, we have unique differences (he has a flat back, mine is curved). Yet, we both have consistently comfortable sleeps on the same mattress, unlike previous mattresses. I have recommended George and his team to many of my clients who have been equally satisfied. Your mattress is your most important piece of furniture - take the time to visit Back To Sleep. You won't be disappointed!read more
Marleina Vella
11:31 27 Sep 17
I bought my bed from Back to Sleep a few years ago now. I went for the top of the range mechanical bed, with the three tiered mattress. Besides the luxury of all the different positions from reading, watching tv and zero gravity for meditating is just such a game changer. Being someone who has struggled with sleep all my life I finally found something natural that has helped me. I wake up feeling a lot better and have had no back issues since.A lot of beds claim to compare but without trying them I doubt it. I've bought a few beds in my life because of my sleeping problems and nothing compares. They are really lovely people there too and have since bought a massage chair which is absolutely awesome and great for friends too when they come over. I highly recommend Back to Sleep, they are one of the last remaining companies who really deliver on their promises and have maintained great customer service since.read more
Luke Miceli
13:58 17 Sep 17
Thanks to Jess and Natalie at (Back to sleep ) in Balwyn . I now sleep comfortably with no neck pain. I decided to wander into the store whilst walking my dogs to have a chat about my neck problem while sleeping. It was the best thing I could have done. I experienced fantastic customer service and support. After a great consultation with Jess I was advised on the pillow that would serve me the best . I tried to get a massage out of Jess when she informed me of her qualifications but to no avail . Ha Ha Jess also suggested for me to purchase a gel underlay as my mattress is firm. Which I set out to get, I now sleep amazing and wake with minimum pain and I didn't spend no where near as much as I thought it would cost ,one of the reasons why I didn't do any thing about it. I'm so glad I walked in to your store it has changed my life . Thanks a million ladies keep up your great work which clearly shows how passionate you are about helping people get their best nights rest . I have been telling anyone who cares to listen. So if you need help with sleep visit (Back to sleep ) they will help you immensely.Happy ? Tracey Kelly.read more
Tracey Kelly
23:22 01 Sep 17
Google Rating

Eileen T

“I’d like to thank the team at back to sleep. I’ve had my mattress for around 4 years now, which has made a noticeable difference to my sleep. I’m now heading into my 80’s so being able to wake up without aches and pains means a lot. I would definitely recommend back to sleep to others.”

Danielle Bonett – Prosthetist/Orthotist

“Love my new bed. Not only has my sleeping improved but as the mattress was selected for my back, I wake up feeling refreshed. So not only is my bed stylish and comfortable, it’s good for my body.”

Dayne Beams – Premiership AFL Player

“The only choice for me when I needed advice and a good mattress was back to sleep – these guys know what they are doing.”

Alan Didak – Best and fairest winner & 2010 Premiership AFL Player

“I was looking for a new bed so I asked my Chiropractor. A heavy sporting career in AFL Football has taken its toll and I figured he would know what was the best bed for me. I have been sleeping on a back to sleep mattress and pillow for over 24 months and I couldn’t be happier with the straightforward advice I received during my bed assessment and the continued support I get from my mattress.”

Alicia Molik – Former Professional Tennis Player

“For most of the year I am travelling all over the world on the professional tennis circuit. I get to sample all types of beds across the world. I love coming home to my back to sleep bed – there is nothing like it. I know what difference a good bed and a good night’s sleep can make to my performance and my recovery. I chose the back to sleep bed because, without a doubt, it’s the best bed in the world that I have slept in.”

Heritier Lumumba – Premiership AFL Player

“The team at back to sleep have helped me combine my love of meditation with the perfect mattress and base – I highly recommend seeing the team at back to sleep.”

Julie F

“I love my back to sleep mattress and pillow. I couldn’t sleep on anything else!!!!! Staff at back to sleep are the most friendly people you could meet….. a lovely experience.”

Brodie Holland – Former AFL Player

“Playing football at the elite level is very tough on your body. I need a bed that is not only comfortable but is right for me. I bought my bed from my Chiropractor after he went through a sleep consultation. I can’t tell you the difference it has made to the way I sleep and, most importantly, how I feel when I wake up in the morning.”

Dr Matthew Comerford B.Science, Mast. Chiropractic, Mast. Science (Paediatric Chiropractic)

“As a children’s chiropractor, I am consulted regularly by sleep deprived parents looking for an answer to their child’s sleep problems. I have had a frustrating search for years to find a suitable pillow for children and even went as far as going to the local rubber shop to have larger kids pillows cut down to size…”

Marika S – Events

“Since I have had my new mattress I have been waking up feeling refreshed and rested, I literally bounce out of bed in the mornings. My back pain has reduced dramatically. Why didn’t I buy this sooner??”

Michelle Z

“I decided it was time to look for a new bed. Not knowing where to turn and feeling overwhelmed by the choice, I was lucky when my brother recommend I visit the team at back to sleep. I can’t speak highly enough of the experience. They take into account your personal sleep patterns, don’t overwhelm you by asking you to lie on dozens of beds and they check your posture and the support the bed offers your particular body. I can’t thank the team enough for the top class products I walked out with. The experience is tailored to each individual. It’s an experience you’ll wish more stores offered.”

Natasha S

“I love my back to sleep mattress and pillows! Most comfortable bed to sleep on which also inclines while you watch TV or read a book and massages at the same time!”

Pamela R – Victoria

“This bed has changed my life. I am 66 years old and I have never woken feeling refreshed and feeling that I have had enough sleep. I have had an unsuccessful knee replacement and 5 spine surgeries and this bed has completely changed my sense of wellbeing. I wake feeling wonderful and I have no pain. It is a miracle.”

Christine Dresser

“I have been extremely amazed at how much better I have slept since I purchased my bed and base from back to sleep. Their slogan stands up to its name.”

Robyn Patterson – Geelong, Victoria

“I have had a bad back and neck for many years and often I would be in pain when I got out of bed. Since I bought your bed I have not got up of a morning with pain at all. It is a truly amazing feeling to get up every morning without pain. Thank you so very, very much.”

Tamra Horton – CMO Team Leader

“I have been meaning to email you for a while now about how awesome our bed is! We love it… I swear to you that at least 4 times a week (probably more) one of us says something like, “This bed is AWESOME!” or “I LOVE this bed!”

Leanne Rose

“Absolutely perfect bed for me. Sleep quality has improved 100%. Very comfortable, no partner disturbance. I love it!”

Maria & Bill P

“Since purchasing two new mattresses for my children, I have found that they no longer get up as often during the night. I also have peace of mind knowing that I’ve done the right thing for their backs as they grow over the next 10 years. I’ve now also bought 3 more beds for my immediate family with rave reviews.”

We can’t survive without food, water, air and sleep? Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury!

The average cost of a new mattress over its lifetime costs less than one cup of coffee per week?

Our mattress is the most used piece of furniture in our house?