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Back to sleep exert a rare uniqueness in the world of bedding, a specialised boutique showroom in the heart of Balwyn, capable of delivering a great night’s sleep Australia wide.

Rigorous testing and trialling of all our products are carried out by our own panel of health care professionals, one of the many reasons our products are trusted by Australia’s largest sporting clubs and elite athletes nationwide.

back to sleep’s personally developed and company-owned sleep technology will have you falling in love with the comfort and support, helping you to sleep better, live better, now, and into the future.


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Diet and exercise, along with mental/ emotional well-being, are three of the key areas
essential to optimal health. Sleep (a primary function) determines whether the key areas
work together harmoniously.


Mattress comfort and support are essential to our quality of sleep. Poor sleep results in our body craving all the wrong kinds of fuel (impacting DIET).Energy levels drop (impacting EXERCISE). Mood; focus; concentration change and stress levels rise (impacting MENTAL/EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING). You will fall in love with the comfort and support that a back to sleep mattress will provide.



Stop buying pillows without trying them. Pillows, in conjunction with the mattress, work together while you sleep, helping your body to repair and rejuvenate. A pillow consultation is as important as a mattress consultation; after all, your pillow supports your neck and head. When a pillow is too high or too low, too soft or too firm it can affect the quality of sleep you have, leaving you tired and unfocused for the day ahead.


Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are for people of all ages, with or without any medical issues. Our daily lives spill over into the bedroom – whether you read, watch TV or do a little work in bed, bedroom ergonomics’ are essential in achieving optimal sleep-health. Our range of adjustable and hi-lo adjustable beds work in conjunction with each other or individually. We’ve designed our sleep system with you in mind.


electric adjustable beds Melbourne
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Exclusive HEXA-CELL™ technologies
  • Anti-microbial and dust mite resistant
  • Pressure relieving comfort and support
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Perfect night’s sleep

why a health care professional, not a sales person

adjustable beds
electric adjustable beds
1The Consultants
  • Trained and qualified in their chosen health care profession, NOT trained in sales
  • Possess an extensive knowledge base concerning sleep and the human anatomy
  • Provide guidance with thorough explanation of how our products work with and benefit YOUR body
  • Care about your long-term well-being, and treat you as an individual, NOT as a number

Why back to sleep®

Our products are designed and tested by our passionate team of health care professionals. Educating and helping you achieve the ultimate sleep posture; improving not only sleep, but general health and well-being, on your journey to sleep better, live better®. READ MORE

“The only choice for me when I needed advice and a good mattress was back to sleep – these guys know what they are doing.”

Dayne Beams Best and Fairest Winner and Premiership AFL Player

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At back to sleep we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge, expert advice and giving you a level of service that exceeds most expectations.