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DVA RAP Funding for Adjustable Beds, Recliner Chairs, Walkers & Mobility Products

The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) provides aids, equipment and modifications for DVA clients to live safely and independently.  

Back to sleep provides assistive technology (AT) for veterans who have been in contact with their Occupational Therapist (OT) who has determined the need for products which can include:

Once assessed for these items OTs can trial options with the customer in our Balwyn showroom, then a RAP form is completed and sent for approval with the clinical justification from the OT.

If approved, back to sleep can supply products or order from our suppliers (if we don’t have it in stock) and delivers it as soon as possible to the veteran.

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Funding through DVA RAP is available to DVA clients if they have an assessed clinical need and either a:

  • Veteran Gold Card
  • Veteran White Card and the equipment is for an accepted condition

Requirements for using RAP

To be supplied through DVA RAP, products must be prescribed by an assessing health provider such as a General Practitioner (GP), medical specialist or allied health professional.

Before speaking to an allied health professional (except for optical, dental or hearing), you must have a valid referral from your GP, medical specialist or a health professional as part of hospital discharge.

The RAP schedule (The RAP schedule | Department of Veterans' Affairs (dva.gov.au)) details which assessing health providers can prescribe each item. For example, an adjustable bed can be prescribed by an Occupational Therapist, Registered Nurse or Physiotherapist.

If an assessing health provider is not able to able to prescribe the item that you need, they must refer you to someone who can.

Contracted items

All suppliers of products through DVA RAP must be linked to one or more of the

DVA Contractors

four contractors to the DVA. For example, back to sleep is able to supply products through DVA’s contracts with Aidacare and Allianz.

Though all contractors must be able to supply a product for each listed category, the specific make and model may differ between them.

Products that are not on the contracted list can be prescribed but your assessing health provider must provide more detailed information regarding your clinical needs and explain why the contracted products are not suitable.

RAP Process

A RAP form must be completed by the assessing health providers each time equipment is prescribed. A single RAP form can include multiple items but only those that the health provider completing the form is authorised to prescribe.

The RAP form must be submitted to your chosen provider for approval.  The approval process length will vary depending on whether you have a Gold or White card and what products have been prescribed.

Once approved, your provider can supply the prescribed products.

How back to sleep can help

Back to sleep can help you with your NDIS plan through:
  • Greater choice: Our links to two contractors, Aidacare and Allianz, mean greater choice for you.
  • Expert advice: Our experienced consultants are able to discuss your needs and demonstrate products to you and Occupational Therapist or other assessing health provider during a free consultation at our showroom.
  • Product information and quotes: We are happy to work with your assessing health provider to ensure that you get supports that suit your needs.

To book a free consultation at our Balwyn showroom click here.


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