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Benefits of Good Posture

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Your posture affects many aspects of your emotional and physical health. Find out how good posture has a positive impact on your emotions, thinking ability and overall quality of life.

The Benefits of Good Posture

Most of us know the results of bad posture first hand. Who among us hasn’t suffered from sore arms from surfing the internet, or woken up with a stiff neck or back? But there are more motivations for us to maintain good posture than just the avoidance of pain. Below are three broad areas of your life which could be markedly improved by applying the basic practices of good posture. With these, you’ll be well on the way to conquering the world!

Positivity and self-esteem

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is based on the principle that our language creates our self-image and view of the world. This principle also applies to body-language. Evidence for this is both scientific and social. As Carol Krucoff, author of Healing yoga for neck and shoulder pain says, “Even our language reflects this connection between proper posture and emotional affect — someone weak is called ‘spineless’ and someone proud ‘has backbone’.” The principle is simple: lead with the body, and the mind will follow.

Increased concentration and thinking ability

It is commonly known among specialists in the field that sufferers of Attention Deficit Disorder often have their head tilted to one side from an early age. A misaligned neck, among many other things, causes spatial disorientation, which then leads to stress — two things the brain does not need to process while trying to think clearly. But an improved posture does not just help those with ADD, it increases lucidity and cognitive ability in anyone who cares to practise it.

Healthier body

It’s funny how you don’t know what’s important until it’s gone. Activities, like walking the dog, having a hit of tennis, or playing an instrument, are the small things that give us quality life. With good posture, you can do these activities again — or even better, never have to cease them in the first place!

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