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The Best Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

The Best Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

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Finding a mattress for adjustable beds

Adjustable beds combine the elements of good posture, convenience, and comfort, giving you the support that’s required to get a whole night’s sleep on a consistent basis.

Find relaxation while reading, watching Tv, and most importantly, sleeping, with the ability to control the angle of the foot and head section of your bed. You don’t need fifty pillows to prop you into an upright position if you have the power to achieve optimal comfort with the push of a button.

The adjustable mattress for your bed must have specific qualities. Adjustable beds require special mattresses because they need flexibility, conforming to alternative shapes created by the adjustable bed. The adjustable mattress must maintain its integral support. The four types of mattresses malleable to the contours of an adjustable bed are latex, memory foam, hybrid and airbeds. Adjustable bases will damage mattresses if their internal structure is innerspring.

The Back to Sleep memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses are malleable enough to adopt the adjustable bed’s movements without wearing out. Back to Sleep recommend a new adjustable mattress every 7-10 years, saving you time, money and restless nights.

Let’s look at the best mattresses for adjustable beds, including their features, facts and a few factors that you should be aware of when deciding on memory foam, latex, hybrid, or airbeds.

Memory Foam Mattresses

The memory foam material conforms to your body shape, alleviating points of pressure. With the material’s flexible attributes, it bends and flexes, compatible with the 40 to 70-degree range of motion.

Memory foam retains heat rather too well. A warm mattress is perfectly okay if you are a cold sleeper, but for some that tend to struggle with temperature regulation, a mattress that doesn’t all together expel heat can result in a restless night’s sleep.

Hybrid Mattresses

The hybrid mattress contains elements of latex, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses, creating a crossover of specific characteristics.

The hybrid has a 2-inch layer of foam (latex), contributing to its flexibility and conformity. Another layer of memory foam reassures the primary layer of latex.

Completed with a base of supportive foam and hundreds of pocket coils, the hybrid adopts all three mattresses’ best features. Although innerspring mattresses are not suited to adjustable beds, the hybrid has a fraction of the coils making it susceptible to flex and bend.

Latex Mattresses

The latex mattress is similar to the memory foam mattress in its supportive and receptive qualities. The material is more rigid than memory foam, so it is imperative to consider this when choosing a thickness.

The ideal thickness is from 6-14 inches. The level of thickness decreases depending on how stringent the mattress is. For example, a Latex mattress might suit a thickness level of 7 inches compared to a memory foam mattress that requires a thickness level of 11 inches.

The rigid nature of a mattress relies on the quality of design and manufacturer. Through years of research and industry experience, the health professionals at Back to Sleep in juncture with A.H. Beard Manufacturers have developed adjustable mattresses that achieve flexibility and compatibility whilst maintaining integrity in support and comfort. To further discuss your needs and wants, book a free consultation today.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

There are many reasons you may be looking for an adjustable mattress; the top-ranking reason is that you are looking for an adjustable bed; they usually go hand in hand. Adjustable beds are versatile in positioning; if you’re a bed dweller that loves watching movies in bed, reading, chatting, and sleeping (obviously), then ‘position is power’. Attaining the freedom to manipulate your sleeping habitat to benefit the required physical positioning is one you can’t put a price tag on.

Adjustable Bed for Back Pain Sufferers

The adjustable bed for back pain suffers is a life saver. If you feel aches and pains on your lower back and/or spine, you’re probably experiencing an increased amount of pressure and compression to these areas. The ‘Zero Gravity’ feature elevates your legs above your heart, stimulating and regulating better blood flow. Optimised circulation will relieve the body compressions, helping you find undisturbed sleep.

Looking for Convenience

There isn’t a detail that Back to Sleep and A.H. Beard have spared. The adjustable bed is equipped with a massage feature (Phillip, can you shed light on this?). To the finer details of a USB port to charge your phone, under-bed lighting to reclaim the long lost items swallowed by the abyss, and a wireless remote for your convenience.

One of the most crucial and beneficial features is the memory setting. Depending on the required position, with a press of the button, you can jump to a specific setting without having to recreate perfection manually.

Adjustable Beds for Snoring

For some, this subject may be comical, but believe it or not, couples can experience severe sleep deprivation and further repercussion because of snoring. There are many treatments and wives tales for what you can do to reduce snoring.

Avoid consuming alcohol before bedtime. Consumption of alcohol causes the muscle tissues in your throat to relax, creating a blocked air passage. In other cases, sleep deprivation can cause the throat tissues to relax, causing a similar clog. Combining these practices is an excellent start to eliminate snoring.

A recommended solution by doctors and sleep specialists is elevating the head to clear nasal congestion. Adjustable beds can free air passage and prevent nasal congestion.

Adjustable Beds for Immobility

For individuals suffering from partial paralysis or immobility, tasks like getting out of bed can be incredibly taxing or perhaps impossible. The adjustable bed can achieve the leverage needed to get out of bed. Back to Sleep’s main priority is to make your life as seamless as possible, and sometimes getting a good night’s sleep can resolve many problematic repercussions.

Adjustable beds have proven to assist individuals suffering from many conditions, including poor circulation, diabetes, leg pains, restless legs, reflux, asthma, joint pains, indigestion, sleep apnea, sciatica, and high blood pressure. If you’re struggling with one or more of these conditions, contact Back to Sleep and find out how they can help you sleep better.

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