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Our Adjustable Beds

An Experience Like No Other

Your body will be around a long time... It's time to invest in yourself!

Control your bedroom environment and comfort with the touch of the button. Our adjustable beds have features such as inbuilt full body massage, TV mode and ‘Zero-G’ position (perfect for meditation and full body pressure-relieving), which come with a 10-year guarantee* and includes Free Metro delivery and installation* Australia Wide!

Electric Beds


– Prices starting from ONLY $1750 (mattresses sold separately)
– Free Metro delivery and installation* Australia Wide
– Available sizes: Long Single / King Single / Double / Queen / King
– Available colours: Black / Silver Grey
– Variety of ranges available
– Various heights available
– USB Charger
– Head and foot articulation
– Zero-G position
– Massage feature
– Wireless remote
– 10-year guarantee*
– Interest Free* Payment Plans Available

Adjustable beds Melbourne
Electric Adjustable Bed Melbourne
adjustable beds
electric adjustable bed



The adjustable bed position called ‘Zero-G’ allows you to take the pressure off your lower back and spine by the touch of a button. By elevating your legs above your heart, Zero-G will increase circulation throughout your body, relaxing those problem areas.

An adjustable bed may also assist those suffering from;

– Sleep Apnea
– Indigestion
– Snoring
– Diabetes
– Asthma
– Hip, knee & ankle pain
– Reflux
– Lower limb swelling
– Restless Legs
– Poor circulation
– Lower back pain
– Immobility

Adjustable Beds Melbourne
Get Elevated For Quality Sleep

Elevated Sleeping - The Benefits

Much research has been – and continues to be – done regarding the health benefits of elevated sleeping. Keeping your head elevated while you sleep can go a long way to curtailing many of those sleep disruptors— sleep apnoea and snoring to name just a couple. Keeping your head elevated while sleeping has been found to decrease apnoea and snoring by bringing your tongue forward so it can’t drop back and obstruct your airways.

Perfect for your LIFESTYLE needs

Enjoying your life starts in the bedroom – there is no exception to poor posture in bed, as we have the solution! Incorporating our Adjustable bases to your sleep routine is endless, with both Medical and Lifestyle benefits. Grab the popcorn, throw out the endless supply of pillows and let the Adjustable base position you in a supportive and comfortable environment, while watching Netflix, reading an enticing book or getting ahead of your emails.


Understanding YOUR needs is extremely important to us, that’s why we don’t sell online. You’re unique and we want to understand your individual needs, so we can provide you with the best advice for a great night’s sleep. If you’re interested in our adjustable beds, (in our showroom of via the phone) or call us on 1300 854 557. *T&Cs Apply