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Joint Pain - Take the Hurt Out of Sleep 

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You know the drill. You roll into bed at night hoping for a rejuvenating sleep when ouch! Twinge goes your back, hip or knee (or all three) to remind you that you suffer joint pain. The next day you feel as though you have done a few rounds in the ring with a champion boxer or completed an ironman competition. Plus there is that chronic pain or ache from your back or lower limbs to drain whatever energy you have left.

If you suffer back or lower joint pain, you are not alone. But you are also likely not getting sufficient sleep and this can lead to further health issues. On top of pain, you may find yourself battling mood swings, lethargy, eating issues and more.

Back and lower joint pain in the hips and knees often gets worse at night. The immobility of sleep causes your joints to swell, which exacerbates stiffness and pain. Meanwhile your sleep position and body alignment commonly do you no favours. Neither does tossing and turning in an attempt to get comfortable.

Elevated sleeping has been shown to alleviate pressure on your embattled back and lower joints. At the same time your pain should reduce and pain management should become easier.

Sleeping on your back places an estimated 55 pounds of added pressure on your back. Elevating your legs while you sleep will pay dividends in reducing lower back pressure, tension and pain. In addition, a recent study by Manchester Metropolitan University revealed that whole body vibrational massage can reduce chronic lower back pain by 70 percent in just three months. This therapeutic massage function is built into many adjustable beds on the market today. It works by increasing circulation to pain zones and stimulating circulation to muscle tissue and joints.

The same results flow through to joint inflammation or pain in the hip or knee.

Elevation of affected joints or back can turn the tide of chronic pain or even just the beginning niggles. Elevated sleeping prevents the exacerbation of stiffness, pain and twisting that immobility brings to affected areas.


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