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It makes it really important that we demand great service and skills as you, our customers are the ones that will spend 1/3 of your life with one of our products and we are about delivering real value to you, our customers.

Great things are not always in your face, and you may never have heard of them until the moment you experience it for the first time… it could be a coffee shop down a hidden lane, the most amazing burgers or a little place called back to sleep that you turn around and think, why didn’t I know about this place earlier?

You may not have heard of us, but as soon as you visit us, you will understand why we are a hidden secret for mattresses and pillows. We wouldn’t have some of the biggest sporting clubs in Australia as our customers if we weren’t on top of our game. Give us your trust to help you to sleep better.

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Where else can you have a professional with knowledge of the human body help you select your next mattress?

The back to sleep mattress consultation with a health care professional makes selecting the right mattress easy. Their knowledge of the human body and passion for health will help you understand how to improve your current sleep, and what mattress, pillow and accessory products are right for you. Best of all… they’re not salespeople.

The best investment you'll make is investing in your health


The benefits of a health care professional

Helping you select your next mattress unique to back to sleep and available to you!


With formal qualifications, our health care professionals spend years studying the human body


They love what they do and want to provide you with as much information as possible


Years of experience in their field, which they bring into your mattress consultation


One-on-One consultation allows the health care professionals to be 100% dedicated to your needs


Your mattress is a 10-year investment, so enjoy the free service and expertise that comes along with it


Education and practicing their craft, means you benefit from One-on-One expert knowledge

We ask for just a small investment of your time

During your consultation, we’ll thoroughly discuss any concerns and specific requirements you may have before finding a suitable mattress that is perfect for your individual comfort and support needs.


Initial One-on-One discussion to find out a little more about you


Explanation regarding current environmental factors that may be affecting your sleep


Utilising our range of mattresses comforts and supports to ensure a thorough assessment of your current sleep posture


Tips and advice based on what we learn about your sleep habits during your consultation, to help select the best mattress for your support and postural needs

Please note: a mattress and pillow assessment is included in both the ‘Mattress Consultation’ and ‘Adjustable Base Consultation’ appointment. We also provide these same complimentary services for our regional and interstate clients, via a ‘Phone Consultation’ – so no one misses out on their sleeping journey!


Our appointed consulting hours are from Tuesday – Sunday (please see our trading hours for specific times). Appointments outside of these hours may be accommodated by calling back to sleep on 1300 854 557


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The average cost of a new mattress over its lifetime
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