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Sleeping with Arthritis

Don’t Let Arthritis Prevent a Good Night’s Sleep

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Arthritis can be a sleep saboteur.

Chronic joint pain and discomfort can make it very hard to drift off to sleep. If you’re lucky enough to fall asleep that same joint pain can leave you rudely awakened throughout the night. Yet as an arthritis sufferer, a good night’s sleep could well be even more important for you than others. The quality of sleep you have of a nighttime is a direct predicator of how much pain you will experience the following day. Recent research suggests that sleep deprivation may trigger inflammatory pathways that exacerbate arthritis pain and make you more sensitive to feeling pain.

The good news is there are several methods you can employ to improve your sleep that doesn’t require medication, one of which is elevated sleeping.

Pillow consultation on adjustable bed

Elevating your upper or lower body during sleep can significantly relieve pressure on your joints and improve circulation — both of which are of keen benefit to those experiencing arthritis. Here is where an electric bed can be a wonderful therapeutic partner. Such beds offer a host of unique sleeping and rest positions. So you can rest assured your most comfortable and healing sleep position is not just achievable, it is right there at your fingertips.

Putting an adjustable bed to work, you can automatically raise your limbs above heart level. Whether you choose to raise your upper or lower limbs, your circulatory health and comfort will be improved. Pressure on your spine and joints will similarly be eased. Not only that, but you can heal as you sleep. The bed keeps your afflicted limbs raised throughout the night with no effort on your part. Forget scrambling around trying to position pillows then readjust these accordingly, time and again. Adjustable beds offer consistent relief and therapy – plus promote a deeper, more restful night of sleep which is a great healer in itself.

Team elevated sleeping with an inbuilt therapeutic vibration system and you can soothe aching joints at a touch of a remote control.

Arthritis can sabotage sleep yet you can salvage your slumber time. Innovations such as an electric bed and built-in remote controlled vibration are great non-medicinal ways to get the rest you need and relief from chronic arthritic pain and discomfort.

If you believe you could benefit from an adjustable mechanical base, please give us a call today on 1300 854 557, book in online or email us, we would love to help your journey to a better night’s sleep.


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