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Sleeping with Back Pain

Sleeping with Back Pain

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How to sleep with back pain

Waking up with lower back pain is an injury common for all Australians and one that only gets worse with age if untreated. The team at Back to Sleep are here to show you how to tell if your bed is causing you back pain and assist you in choosing the best mattress for back pain sufferers.

Back to Sleep offers guidance with a free consultation if you’d like to speak with the team of health care professionals. Whether you’re looking for the best firm mattress in Australia, a soft mattress that will prevent spine curvature or a little insight on memory foam vs spring mattresses, allow Back to Sleep to put your worries to rest.

So let’s get down to the fundamental complication, what’s causing the back pain?

Why are you waking up with back pain?

Well, the logical answer is to blame your mattress. But taking a trip to the mattress shop and purchasing the first or cheapest one insight isn’t going to resolve the primary predicament. Understanding WHY you’re mattress is causing issues is the first step to finding a solution.

In a world populated by billions, there are just four sleeping positions that identify the style of mattress that you should be utilising; the side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper and the sleeper that adopts all three position in a single sleep session.

Side Sleepers

The best mattress for lower back pain sufferers sleeping on their side is one that offers comfort and support by moulding to the body’s shape. 74 % of humans sleep on their side, and how many do you think are achieving optimal comfort and support?

When someone is positioned on their side, there is an increased amount of pressure focused on the shoulders, hips, and knees. When a side sleeper resides on an extra firm mattress, the pressure is unabsorbed, forcing the spine to take the brace. Increased pressure to these points also prevents healthy blood flow resulting in the body’s natural reaction to toss and turn. In severe cases, this can cause extreme sleep deprivation, making it impossible for the brain to enter deep sleep.

On the mattress firmness scale, a side sleeper should have a 4-7 (mid-firm) mattress, also known as the universal level of comfort.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach can have some long-lasting repercussions on your spine if you’re not sleeping on the correct mattress. While the stomach position is the least common position to adopt, that doesn’t make it any less important. A stomach sleeper requires a 7-9 on the mattress firmness scale. With a soft mattress, the body experiences sinkage creating uneven support for the spine.

Stomach sleepers and back sleepers often experience overheating due to the dispersed surface contact between the bed and body. Whilst temperature regulation does not directly affect back pain, it can force certain sleepers to move into a position that does not suit their mattress.

Different mattress materials possess opposing qualities of airflow. It’s the age-old question of memory foam vs spring mattress. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll want to look into an innerspring mattress as the coils provide the perfect internal temperature regulation. On the other side of the spectrum, if you are a cold sleeper, you’ll want to look into using memory foam, unrivalled for heat retention and keeping things cosy.

Back Sleepers

The back sleeping position has similar traits to the stomach sleeper. An equal distribution of wait allows ideal blood flow through the body. If a soft mattress causes too much sinkage from the hip to mattress connection, the spine can curve, causing severe problems.

The best mattress for lower back pain sufferers that sleep on their back is a 6-8 (mid to firm) on the mattress firmness scale.

Back to Sleep has developed a vast range of mattresses, meticulously designed to accommodate every type of sleeper. Partnering with A.H. Beard, an Australian owned mattress manufacturer, Back to Sleep supports local businesses alongside settling for nothing less than the highest form of quality. For the best firm mattresses in Australia and to read up on the team of health care professionals that support everyday Australians looking for a better night’s sleep, go with Back to Sleep.


The Best Mattress According to Body Type

Using this article to gauge what kind of mattress suits your sleep style is a progressive foundational step closer to improving your sleep quality and, ultimately, the quality of life in general. Let’s be honest, performing the simplest of tasks when you feel lethargic and sleep deprived is challenging and even upsetting.

There is one last contributing element that clearly defines what type of mattress is perfect for you, and that is YOU.

Every human is unquestionably unique in weight and height. If you are a back sleeper weighing in at 95 kilograms sleeping on a 10 extra firm mattress, there will be a small amount of sinkage. If you’re a back sleeper weighing in at 55 kilograms, the same mattress would feel like a stiff sheet of wood chip.

The best way to formulate the eclectic mix of factors contributing to the ‘perfect mattress’ is to speak to a specialist at Back to Sleep. Book a free consultation today to rid yourself of bed-related back pain


Pre-existing Back Pain

In many cases, back pain is pre-existing; whether it was caused by using the incorrect mattress or something else entirely, Back to Sleep provides solutions to accommodate every injury.

Back to Sleep’s Adjustable Bed is equipped with many features that make getting to sleep and waking up just that little bit more flexible. The Zero Gravity feature releases the flood gates of pressure in a position that stimulates blood flow and relieves spinal compression. Complimented by the massage setting designed to loosen the muscles around your pre-existing back pain. But back pain isn’t the only condition that the adjustable bed assists in neutralising; Diabetes, ankle pain, poor blood circulation, reflux, indigestion, sleep apnea; the benefits are limitless.

Don’t let your circumstances become your reality. Book a free consultation with Back to Sleep today! 

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