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Sciatica describes pain felt along the sciatic nerve which runs from your lower back down through the buttock, hamstrings and into the lower leg.

The sciatic nerve controls sensation and function to the leg and foot and is the longest nerve in the body.

Nerve roots pass between disc spaces of the lower back and join up to form the sciatic nerve. In sciatica, prolapsed or ‘slipped’ discs tend to bulge and press on the intervertebral nerve(s). This pressure irritates the nerve, causing referred pain that can be felt all the way to the foot.

Sciatica can also be caused by narrowing of the nerve tunnel between discs due to osteoarthritis. Elderly people who suffer from disk degeneration as a consequence of ageing tend to be troubled the most by sciatica. The symptoms of sciatica can include pain, aching, pins and needles, and loss of power.

Sciatic pain can be brought on by degeneration, sudden pressure or injury to the lower back or prolonged pressure to the lower back.

Prevention and relief of sciatic pain can be aided by correcting one’s posture and limiting pressure applied to the lower back. A mattress that is comfortable and supportive can go a long way towards alleviating sciatic issues but nothing more so than maintaining a comfortable and neutral posture.

Book in for a free mattress selection service and a back to sleep team member can help you to understand what postural changes in bed may help you and if any support or postural aids may be of benefit.

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