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  • Eating healthy with eggs

    We are what we eat and how we sleep

    Did you know that how we sleep and what we eat are two of the most fundamental areas that can impact our health? We all...

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  • Sleeping with Arthritis

    Don’t Let Arthritis Prevent a Good Night’s Sleep

    Arthritis can be a sleep saboteur. Chronic joint pain and discomfort can make it very hard to drift off to sleep. If you’re lucky enough...

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  • sleeping with pets

    Sleeping with pets - What you need to know

    Whether you always sleep with your pet, or only warm to the idea on a cold winter’s night, your furry water-bottle may be giving you...

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  • Snoring and sleep

    Snorers – STOP rearrange pillows there’s a better way

    Snoring? Sleep apnea? Whatever happened to counting sheep and drifting peacefully off to sleep? Think about this: about 20 per cent of the population snores...

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  • Diabetes and sleep

    Improving sleep quality in diabetics would come close to the benefits of common medication

    Diabetes can have a dire effect on your sleep quality. Everything from nocturnal hypo episodes to sleep apnoea and snoring to insomnia can put a...

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  • Sleeping with electronics

    Sleep Hacks Making The Most Out Of Your Sleep

    SLEEP is a vital part of your life – around a third of your life is spent sleeping. It is responsible for a host of...

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  • sleep and stress

    How a Lack of Sleep Can Increase Your Stress

    Having too much stress in your life can make it difficult to fall asleep and get and good night’s sleep. The relationship between stress and...

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  • win your mornings great sleep

    Get the Formula to Win Your Mornings and Own Your Days

    Could sleep be the key to gaining more control over your days and your life? According to a popular book, the things you do or...

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