Asthma and/or allergies will affect 4 in 10 Australians at some point during their lifetime and this prevalence is growing.

Asthma & Allergies
Both asthma and most allergies cause the airways to narrow and leave less space for air to flow in and out of the lungs. The effects of these conditions can range from very scary and life-threatening to just downright annoying. Asthma and allergy reactions tend to be triggered by very common environmental factors that do not bother most people. These include things like the common dust mite, pets, pollen and moulds.

Every effort is taken during the manufacture of the back to sleep range to ensure that all products are asthma and allergy friendly. You will find the Sensitive Choice Blue Butterfly logo on all back to sleep mattresses and bases which recognises products that may benefit sufferers of asthma and allergies.

All back to sleep pillows and sleeping aids have the added feature of being anti-microbial treated, meaning that it is very difficult for common allergens like dust mites, mould, bacteria and fungus to thrive. And if that wasn’t enough, we have made it a personal mission to educate the public about the necessity of waterproof and breathable protectors in the bedding environment. Not only does this added level of protection save your bedding from the invasion of dust mites and allergens, but it can keep your bedding at its best for longer.

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