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The Health and Lifestyle Benefits of Adjustable Beds

The Health and Lifestyle Benefits of Adjustable Beds

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Adjustable beds aren’t only for people with serious medical conditions – they also have plenty of features to fit in with your everyday lifestyle. Read on to discover how adjustable beds can be a good fit for you.

A bounty of health benefits

Adjustable beds allow for easier movement on and off the bed, as they can be lowered closer to the ground and accustomed to suit an individual’s needs. Wheelchair users find it a lot more comfortable and convenient to adjust the bed at the right height for them to move seamlessly from their bed to their chair with minimal disruption. These beds can also be kinder on joints, as less bending is required when it comes to getting up off the bed.

Then there’s also the ‘zero gravity’ position of adjustable beds. If that sounds space-age, that’s because NASA are behind this term. It was used to define the exact angle of comfort for their astronauts to sit in during launch time.

While not many of us are preparing for space missions, we all want a restful sleep, which is why the zero gravity position can help by distributing body weight evenly to ensure optimal comfort. It relieves pressure and compression from the lower back and spine and also increases circulation, given that it positions a person’s legs slightly above the heart.

As well as being ideal for people experiencing mobility issues and restrictions, adjustable beds can also help people with such medical conditions as restless legs syndrome, sciatica, diabetes and asthma, to name just a few.

Get elevated

There are many health benefits of elevated sleeping, which is said to reduce the instances of snoring and sleep apnoea, common sleep disruptors. Keeping your head elevated has been found to decrease both of these problems by decreasing the obstruction to your food passage and airways.

NDIS approved

If you need an adjustable bed for medical reasons, there’s help at hand. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government funding program designed to offer financial support to Australians living with a disability. The funding can be used for a wide range of tailored services and products, such as home modifications, special care, occupational therapy or equipment.

Our adjustable beds, mattresses and pillows are all approved for NDIS funding, making them more accessible to people who need them. To find out if you are eligible for support from the NDIS and to apply, visit the NDIS website.

Greater independence and convenience

The adjustable nature of these beds can allow for greater independence for people living at home, as well as providing less physical work for a carer (who has had to help their patient on and off their bed in the past). It is much easier for the person in the bed to change positions and make adjustments such as sitting up in bed to read or watch TV, alter their head support, etc, without needing as much assistance.

Then there’s also the ability to control your bedroom environment simply with the touch of a button. Adjustable beds can come with features such as an inbuilt full body massage, TV mode and memory settings – making for a deluxe, cosy and all-in-one experience.

The option of partner sleeping beds, beds with no gap between the mattresses and which come with separate bed heads, are a great option for couples who wish to continue to sleep side-by-side.

We have a range of adjustable beds available to suit your requirements. To discover what will work best for you and your needs, book a free consultation via our website or get in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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