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13 Jul 2018

Can Poor Sleep Cause High Blood Pressure? 

High blood pressure (hypertension) is the most common condition of the circulatory system. The condition is often called a ‘silent killer’ because it can go undetected if blood pressure isn’t checked and can result in heart conditions and stroke. According to the Heart Foundation, 32% of Australians aged 18 years and over have high blood pressure, which is defined…

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24 Jun 2018

Shining Daylight on Depression  

Depression is now one of the most diagnosed diseases in the world. It’s currently estimated that one in ten people are on some form of anti-depressant. By contrast, there seems to be little public understanding of the nature of depression or the treatments available.   According to Black Dog Institute1, a number of…

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23 Jun 2018

Dream your way to success

Australians seem to have little interest in dreams. Maybe it's because dreams "aren't real" that we see no value in them — or perhaps it's the apparent obscurity of some dreams that puts us off. Either way, the end result is that we tend to ignore our dreams — which…

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22 Apr 2018

Back in Trouble 

Niggle. Twinge. Pang. Never put lower back pain on the back burner. It doesn’t matter whether you feel an occasional grumble or carry a painful ache with you always. Lower back pain is your call to action, and, if you fail to respond, you will only be setting yourself and your health…

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29 Mar 2018

How a Lack of Sleep Can Increase Your Stress  

Sleep and Stress Having too much stress in your life can make it difficult to fall asleep and get and good night’s sleep. The relationship between stress and sleep, however, is a two-way street   — not getting enough sleep can be the cause of stress.   This correlation has been shown in…

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03 Feb 2018

Left or Right — Which Side is Better for Sleeping?

Most likely, you probably never thought about which side is better for sleeping, but research has shown that sleeping on your left side can alleviate chronic heartburn and might be beneficial for overall health. It’s believed that left-side sleeping offers a number of other health benefits. John Douillard (Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Ayurveda Practitioner)…

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04 Jan 2018

Snoring – Bid Farewell to Things That Make You Jump in the Night 

Snoring? Sleep apnea? Whatever happened to counting sheep and drifting peacefully off to sleep? Think about this: about 20 per cent of the population snores at night. And now this: snoring can be the result of obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that collapses the muscles of the sleeper, thereby blocking their windpipe. So again, sufferers of sleep apnea are woken several…

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01 Dec 2017

Don’t Let Diabetes Do You Out Of Slumber

Diabetes can have a dire effect on your sleep quality. Everything from nocturnal hypo episodes to sleep apnoea and snoring to insomnia can put a serious dent in your sleep. For diabetics, the impact of disrupted sleep goes beyond the usual lethargy and tiredness during the day. Recent research shows…

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07 Nov 2017

Simple changes make a big difference in your sleep and effectiveness

Could sleep be the key to gaining more control over your days and your life? According to a popular book, the things you do, or don’t do, before bedtime can make a big difference. In The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life, author Craig Ballantyne introduces the 10-3-2-1-0 Goodnight Formula. By applying a simple formula, the author asserts that you…

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