08 Aug 2020


As a retailer of “Disability and health equipment, mobility devices including products for health patients” we will remain open (by appointment ONLY) during the stage 4 restrictions. Please see below details of how we will continue to operate: We have adapted to ensure that our high care patients; Home Care…

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01 May 2020

Our Top 10 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

If you spend more time staring at the ceiling than you do catching z’s, follow our easy to implement tips to help you get a good night’s sleep.   1. Avoid day-time napping While naps can help us get through the day if we’re feeling tired, they can also prevent…

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03 Mar 2020

Our Top 5 Meditation Apps For A Restful Night

The power of sleep can’t be overstated. Not getting enough of it can increase stress levels, risk of illness and depressed mood, weight gain and forgetfulness. We know sleep is good for us, but if you’re used to lying awake in bed, you’ll know how frustrating getting to sleep can…

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09 Apr 2017

We are what we eat and how we sleep

Did you know that how we sleep and what we eat are two of the most fundamental areas that can impact our health?   We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to ensure that we are ready to take on what the…

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15 Oct 2016

How a Lack of Sleep Can Increase Your Stress

Having too much stress in your life can make it difficult to fall asleep and get and good night’s sleep. The relationship between stress and sleep, however, is a two-way street — not getting enough sleep can be the cause of stress. This correlation has been shown in a number…

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05 Dec 2019

Wake up without an alarm clock

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Ben Franklin Do you wake up with a start when the alarm goes off and reach bleary-eyed for the snooze button? Do you dream of waking up naturally and feeling well-rested and refreshed? It is…

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14 Nov 2019

Understanding Your Sleep Cycle

It was once a common belief that when your head hits the pillow and you drift off to sleep, your body shuts down. This could not be further from the truth. Sleeping is how your body and mind rests and restores its energy levels. It is an active state that…

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25 Oct 2019

The Backbone of Good Spinal Health

It’s a normal part of life to experience aches and pains. Especially when it comes to our spine. And it’s even more normal to ignore these aches and pains as they often come and go. From professional athletes to trauma victims to nine-to-five office workers – everyone’s back pain is…

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The average cost of a new mattress over its lifetime
costs less than one cup of coffee per week?