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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Electric HiLo & Adjustable Beds FAQ

Electric HiLo & Adjustable Bed FAQs

What is an Electric Adjustable or HiLo Bed?
  • An amazing base that that can be adjusted using a hand control. An Electric/Adjustable bed can have the head and foot area raised and lowered. A HiLo bed includes these features but adds the ability to raise and lower the height of the bed.  Some models include functions like vibration, pre-set positions and under bed lighting. Head to our Adjustable or HiLo bed page to view our range or contact us on 1300 854 557.
What are the benefits of an Electric Adjustable or HiLo Bed?
  • Many of our customer’s experience acute or chronic pain and illnesses that require more flexibility with their sleep environment. The lifestyle and medical benefits surpass your bedtime expectations. Providing benefits of postural alignment and support whilst reading in bed or watching television, alongside the important medical benefits of increasing blood flow circulation, lymphatic drainage, sleep apnoea, snoring, reflux…the list goes on. 
Are your Electric Adjustable Beds hospital grade?
  • No, as the bases are not sealed.
What sizes are available in the Electric Adjustable Bed range?
  • The below sizes are available dependant on the model (all measurements are approximate):
Imperial Width (inches) Length Metric Width (cm)Length
Long Single 3' 6'8 92 204
King Single 3'6' 6'8 107 204
Double 4'6' 6'2 138 188
Queen 5' 6'8 153 204
King 6' 6'8 183 204


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