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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pillow FAQ

Pillow FAQs

What type of pillows do you sell?

  • We have an array of different pillow heights, profiles, comforts and supports. The supporting structure ranges from memory foam to latex as well as cooling gel pillows. What pillow is right for you depends on your needs and requirements. We provide complimentary Pillow Consultations in-store at our Balwyn showroom, or via phone. Book online or contact us on 1300 854 557.

Do you have pillows for children?

  • Yes! Available in memory foam and latex, a great ‘first pillow’ for your 3+ year-old. As children grow it is important to assess their pillow, as it may be time to upgrade to an adult size pillow. Book online or contact us on 1300 854 557.

Do you sell travel pillows?

  • Yes! A perfect travel companion with the ease of rolling it up, squishing it in amongst your luggage, or carrying it with you side by side – the nifty travel size pillow comes in latex and memory foam. Not only can you use it as your ‘fill in’ pillow whilst traveling, but it’s also a great lumbar support on the plane and for prolonged sitting!

Which pillow does ‘back to sleep’ recommend?

  • The ‘back to sleep’ pillow range has been designed, approved and recommended by leading chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other Health Care Professionals nationally. The back to sleep’ pillow range correctly supports your neck ensuring a better night’s sleep. Take advantage of our complimentary Pillow Consultation to determine the right pillow for you. Book online or contact us on 1300 854 557.

I’m a hot sleeper, how can a ‘back to sleep®’ pillow help?

  • Our pillows whether latex or memory foam are breathable and provide ventilation throughout the surface of the pillow. Pin-core holes are distributed throughout the pillow, alongside new technology to help assist in regulating your body temperature. If heat is an issue for you, we do have pillows specific to promoting a cooler sleep surface. Book your complimentary Pillow Consultation online or contact us on 1300 854 557.

Do you offer trial periods and/or comfort guarantees?

  • No, our complimentary and obligation free Pillow Consultation (in-store) provides the opportunity to try the different pillow supports, comforts and profiles specific to your needs and requirements. Expert advice and assurance within the product design, solidify the quality at hand.

How long should a ‘back to sleep’ pillow last?

  • At ‘back to sleep’ all our branded pillows come with a 5-year guarantee. You can be assured that you are purchasing a quality, supportive pillow designed and tested by leading Health Care Professionals. back to sleep’ recommends all pillows should be covered with a quality waterproof/breathable pillow protector (sold at back to sleep’). This will ensure the longevity of your products while creating an optimum healthy sleep environment.

How long will it take to adjust to my new pillow?

  • It can take up to 4 weeks for your muscle memory and biomechanics (movement) to adjust to a new pillow support, comfort, and feel. Allowing your body, the time to adjust will ensure a smoother transition.
  • It is important to understand that your neck may feel unusual or uncomfortable during the first few nights of using any new pillow. During this period, it is strongly advised not to use your old pillow, as this will inhibit the ability to adjust to your new pillow.


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