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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question here, please contact our customer support specialists.


General FAQ's

What makes ‘back to sleep’ different?
  • back to sleep’ take’s the time to discuss your sleep concerns with a health care professional, discussing your sleep comfort; sleep posture; sleep hygiene along with general pre-and-post sleep routines. Our range of mattresses; adjustable & standard bases; pillows; protectors; ancillary products offer a complete ‘sleep-solution’ coupled with sleep tips to help you sleep better, live better.
Do I need to book in a Consultation?
  • Our consultants are health care professional, providing one-on-one expert advice on sleep health and back to sleep’s quality range of products. Bookings are limited, especially during peak trading times. To ensure you don’t miss out on this amazing service, book online or contact us on 1300 854 557.
What Consultations are available?
  • We provide complimentary and obligation free Mattress, Adjustable Beds and Pillow Consultations, booked and performed at our Balwyn, Victoria showroom. The Phone Consultation provides flexibility for our regional and interstate customers. For further information please see the below.
  • Mattress Consultation:
    • Individual Mattress Consultation (pillow and base review included) - Conducted by a health care professional We discuss sleep comfort; sleep posture; sleep hygiene along with general pre-and-post sleep routines. You will be guided throughout our range and ensured a tailored experience for your specific needs and requirements, coupled with expert advice.
    • Couples Mattress Consultation (pillow and base review included) – Same service provided as the Individual Mattress Consultation, with the inclusion of finding a suitable support and comfort for you and your partner as one. Due to an increase in demand for separate sleeping surfaces, with the visual of a shared bed – our Split King Adjustable beds have become highly sort after. To enquire contact us on 1300 854 557 or email info@backtosleep.com.au.
  • Adjustable Bed Consultation (mattress and pillow review included) - Whether it is for medical or lifestyle requirements (or both), our health care professionals tailor the features and benefits of our adjustable beds to your needs, ensuring expert advice and knowledge is passed on. Head to our adjustable bed's page to learn more or contact us on 1300 854 557.
  • Pillow Consultation – We discuss sleep comfort; sleep posture; sleep hygiene along with general pre-and-post sleep routines. We have a large selection of pillow supports, comforts and profiles – BUT, your needs and requirements will determine what pillow is right for your posture and body frame. Head to our pillow page to learn more or contact us on 1300 854 557.
  • Phone Consultation (what is your enquiry?) – This is our most popular consultation for the Elite Athletes (which include AFL players from Sydney Swans, Brisbane Lions & GWS, just to name a few), due to time and location restrictions. A great option for our customers who are regional, and/or interstate based. Book your preferred time and you will receive a call from a health care professional to discuss your enquiry in detail.
Does my partner need to attend the Mattress and/or Adjustable Bed Consultation?
  • Yes, it is important for our health care professionals to understand both individuals needs and requirements, to help guide you as a couple to what products are best suited for your sleep environment and posture.
Where is back to sleep located? Do you have other sites?
  • Our ‘back to sleep’ consultation showroom is in Balwyn, Victoria only.
  • We manufacturer our mattresses, bases, adjustable beds and bedheads Australia wide. Offering metro delivery*.
  • Interstate or regional customers don’t miss out. See our Phone Consultations for more information.
Do you Price Match or better your competitor’s prices?
  • Our range of ‘back to sleep’ products are designed, tested and exclusively distributed directly through back to sleep’ and are not available in other retail outlets. At ‘back to sleep’, we aim to look after our customer’s total wellness and ensure the products we offer are fair and reasonable. ‘back to sleep’ products are never discounted as we believe our range reflects the quality of the components used and the service we offer. Our prices are the ‘best price’ every day of the year.
Where are your mattresses made? I suffer from back pain, will a ‘back to sleep’ mattress help?
  • Having a supportive, comfortable and durable mattress suited to you, your needs and requirements can help improve your sleep. However, acute and/or chronic issues (whether diagnosed/undiagnosed) may cause interrupted sleep, discomfort, etc. Variables such as these are out of the control of your mattress and pillow and may require intervention from your preferred practitioner.
Do you have products available for snorers?
  • Yes, from our mattresses and pillows to our amazing adjustable beds – our products are designed with the goal of improving your sleep experience.
  • The amount of ‘give/no give’ in your mattress surface to the pillows height, support and feel can increase the rate of snoring. Introducing an appropriate pillow height for your body frame and mattress feel, coupled with a contoured profile may assist in opening the airways and food passageway, potentially minimising snoring.
  • If you are experiencing mild to severe snoring and/or moments of lapsed breathing it is important to seek medical advice via your practitioner. Sleep apnoea is, unfortunately, becoming very common and we find with the right pillow support, alongside the use of an Electric/Adjustable bed can assist. To find out more contact us on 1300 854 557.
Do you offer trial periods and/or comfort guarantees? Can I place an order online?
  • Unfortunately, our website does not support an online store, due to our specialised products and complimentary services. However, our qualified team can discuss your enquiry and process orders over the phone without even stepping one foot into our Balwyn, Victoria showroom! Contact us on 1300 854 557 or email info@backtosleep.com.au..


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