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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mattresses FAQ

Mattress FAQs

How do I know if it’s time for a new mattress?
  • At ‘back to sleep’ we recommend changing your mattress every 7-9 years, as our bodies change and age. If you regularly wake up experiencing pain or discomfort, restless nights and headaches, this usually indicates that you need a new mattress. However, excessive use or misuse of your mattress may require you to replace your mattress sooner. A great way to identify if you’re in need of a new mattress is to ask yourself the below questions…
    • Is your mattress 7+ years old?
    • Does your mattress ‘sink’ around your hips and lower back with no support?
    • Are you experiencing pressure around your shoulders and joints?
    • Do you wake up experiencing pain, discomfort and/or stiffness?
    • Do you want to be protected from dust mites, bacteria, mould, and fungus?
    • Is the sleeping surface uneven/lumpy?
  • If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, then we need to talk! Book your complimentary consultation online or contact us on 1300 854 557.
My mattress is only 1 – 3 years old, why do I need a new mattress?
  • At ‘back to sleep’ we are a little different from retail, as it’s important for us to understand your individual needs and requirements from a medical and lifestyle point of view. If you have purchased your mattress in good faith hoping it would be suitable for your sleeping spine and comfort needs, but it’s not - you might consider reviewing your sleep needs at ‘back to sleep’ with one of our health care professional. Book online or contact us on 1300 854 557.
Where are your mattresses made?
  • Most of our mattresses are made in Australia by Australian-owned manufacturers.
Mattress & Designer base sizes available?
  • The table below depicts the standard sizes that are available in our mattress and base range (all measurements are approximate):
Imperial Width (inches) Length Metric Width (cm)Length
Single 3' 6'2” 91.5 188
Long Single 3' 6'8” 91.5 203
King Single 3'6” 6'8” 107 203
Double 4'6” 6'2” 138 188
Queen 5' 6'8” 153 203
King 6' 6'8” 183 203
Super King 6’8” 6’8” 203 203
Do you sell a Queen Split mattress and/or King Split mattress?
  • Our mattresses are designed and produced in all Australian standard sizing, which includes a King Split (2 x Long Single mattresses), however, not a Queen Split mattress. We have very strong and valid reasons as to why; when we think of our sleep health an important factor is your own space within the sleeping surface. You may start out cuddling your partner or pet, but once you are in your deep sleep and allowing your body to repair, your own personal space is very important! Cutting a Queen mattress in half (from head to foot) significantly shortens your sleep surface, which can increase disturbance and broken sleep cycles throughout the night.
  • Contact us on 1300 854 557, to discuss your requirements with one of our health care professional.
Can you customise the size of the mattress?
  • We can produce customised (size related) mattresses within the limitations of the integrity of the mattress support and comfort. Contact us on 1300 854 557 or email info@backtosleep.com.au to enquire further.
Which is better, a soft or firm mattress?
  • At ‘back to sleep’ we pride ourselves on our experience and the knowledge obtained from years of study at University. Our dedication to understanding correct spinal alignment, sleeping positions, and other health concerns will determine the best support and comfort combination. Choosing the right mattress and/or pillow does not necessarily come down to soft or firm.
  • You spend a third of your life in bed, ‘back to sleep' believes it is imperative to make an informed decision on selecting the right mattress and/or pillow. We encourage you to get the best advice and take advantage of a complimentary consultation with a health care professional. Book online or contact us on 1300 854 557.
What kind of mattresses does ‘back to sleep’ stock?
  • We design our own mattress range based on the human anatomy and a collective experience of 100 + years. With cutting-edge technology to help improve your sleep experience, we have a range of different supports and comforts for everyone’s spine and sleeping posture. For more information, head to our mattress page or contact us on 1300 854 557.
Do you sell mattresses for kids?
  • Yes! Our mattresses have been designed to keep the growing spines of children and teenagers in mind, to ensure the right support and comfort.
Do you have full foam mattresses?
  • We have different mattress supports available from individual spring to a premium foam core. To determine which support is viable for your sleep environment and posture, book a complimentary consultation online or contact us on 1300 854 557.
I’m a hot sleeper, how can ‘back to sleep’ help?
  • One of our focuses when creating a mattress range for back to sleepis airflow and ventilation. Our mattresses are recognised by the Australian Asthma foundation (Blue Butterfly Sensitive Choice tick), which ensures a healthy sleeping environment, not only for your skin but for your respiratory system. Every layer of the mattress from the support, comfort layers to the quilting have been designed to promote airflow throughout the mattress.
  • Studies have shown our bedroom temperature should be between 15 – 18 ◦C throughout the year. Reviewing variables such as; your linen (promoting breathability), appropriate sleepwear, and adequate airflow is required for a more comfortable sleep.
  • If your new mattress is a little softer than what you were used to, this may increase more surface contact to your body, which may result in feeling a little snug. This is normal and is a part of the adjustment period.
What should I expect from my ‘back to sleep’ mattress?
  • Chances are your old mattress springs and fabric are not what they used to be, so your new mattress may seem a little strange in the beginning. Allow adequate time for your body to adjust and allow the mattress to settle. Follow the ‘caring for your mattress’ instructions (either emailed or given in-store) and remember to rotate regularly and use the full sleeping surface of your mattress for best wear and tear.
What are the care instructions for my ‘back to sleep’ mattress?
  • To obtain the greatest comfort, support, and life of your ‘back to sleep’ mattress, it is vital that the care instructions are followed as provided in your guarantee card that is delivered together with the mattress.
  • All ‘back to sleep’ mattresses and pillows should be covered with a quality waterproof and breathable mattress or pillow protector (sold at back to sleep'). This will prevent moisture build-up from sweat and other bodily fluids. The use of the protectors will ensure the longevity of your products while creating an optimum healthy sleep environment.For further information, please refer to the ‘care instructions’ given in-store or via email.
What is an adjustment period, and should I expect this with my new mattress?
  • The adjustment period is the time in which your body, muscle memory and biomechanics (body movements) adjust to your new mattress from the support to the comfort feel. Your posture and biomechanics will change once you start sleeping on your new mattress. Depending on what your muscle memory and biomechanics were used to prior, it is quite common to feel some type of discomfort, stiffness or an indifferent feeling, as your body is now sleeping on a new support and comfort feel. The adjustment period can last up to 12 weeks – it is important to persist and go with the flow. Please refer to your welcome pack given to you at purchase (in-store or via email) for further information. Alternatively, to discuss further contact us on 1300 854 557 or email info@backtosleep.com.au
Can I use my electric blanket on my back to sleep’ mattress?
  • Yes! Please refer to the below instructions. Remember, if your electric blanket is too tight or creates a ‘taunt’ surface, this can make your mattress surface feel firmer.
  • Bare mattress (no linen)
  • Place the electric blanket over the mattress
  • Fit your quality waterproof/breathable mattress protector over your electric blanket followed by your linen and you’re done!


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