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01 Dec 2017

Don’t Let Diabetes Do You Out Of Slumber

Diabetes can have a dire effect on your sleep quality. Everything from nocturnal hypo episodes to sleep apnoea and snoring to insomnia can put a serious dent in your sleep. For diabetics, the impact of disrupted sleep goes beyond the usual lethargy and tiredness during the day. Recent research shows…

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07 Nov 2017

Simple changes make a big difference in your sleep and effectiveness

Could sleep be the key to gaining more control over your days and your life? According to a popular book, the things you do, or don’t do, before bedtime can make a big difference. In The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life, author Craig Ballantyne introduces the 10-3-2-1-0 Goodnight Formula. By applying a simple formula, the author asserts that you…

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28 Sep 2017

Benefits of Good Posture

Your posture affects many aspects of your emotional and physical health. Find out how good posture has a positive impact on your emotions, thinking ability and overall quality of life.   The Benefits of Good Posture Most of us know the results of bad posture first hand. Who among us…

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22 Aug 2017

Therapy Is More Effective than Medication for Insomnia

If you have chronic insomnia, you've probably tried exercise, reading before bed, magnesium tablets and a host of other things, and it is unlikely that these efforts paid off in full. At some point, you probably also considered that last resort, sleeping pills. Well, there is something that researchers and government health…

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12 Jul 2017

Tips for a good night’s sleep

There is nothing more painful than dragging your limp, tired body out of bed following a poor night's sleep. There are a number of causes for not making the most out of your sleep, and there are also a number of fixes.    BE REGULAR  Try creating (and maintaining) a…

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08 Jul 2017

Overheating at night? Check out these cool tips

  Getting too hot in bed is a drag. We have all experienced it, tossing and turning beneath sweat-soaked sheets. Of course, once you get to sleep the problem is solved — right? Unfortunately, evidence suggests otherwise. Bed temperatures that exceed 32ºC can affect REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, causing…

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30 Jun 2017

Joint Pain – Take the Hurt Out of Sleep 

You know the drill. You roll into bed at night hoping for a rejuvenating sleep when ouch! Twinge goes your back, hip or knee (or all three) to remind you that you suffer joint pain. The next day you feel as though you have done a few rounds in the ring with a…

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We can’t survive without food, water, air and sleep? Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury!

The average cost of a new mattress over its lifetime costs less than one cup of coffee per week?

Our mattress is the most used piece of furniture in our house?